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The Covid numbers keeps on rising with each passing day. But this has now become the new normal for us. Now, even if someone is caught by the virus, majority of people are not getting admitted to hospitals unless the condition is severe. Doctors across the country recommend to keep the immunity as high as possible.
People are resorting to daily excerise, changes in diet and other effective measure to increase the immunity. Also, to help increase the immunity the healthcare giant Patanjali did significant research and developed “Divya coronil kit” that will help in increasing the immunity even further. This post will definately help you in decision to purchase the divya coronil kit patanjali online

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Your have visited the right place, if you want to know more about this “Patanjali Coronil Kit” and are planning to buy it. Continue reading to know about benefits and other details of the Patanjali Coronil Kit below:

Divya coronil kit patanjali Product overview:

Manufacturer : Patanjali Ayurved Limited
Item Weight : 100 g
-Key Ingredients: ocimum sanctum,glycrrhiza glabra,zingber officinale,ashpaltum,withania somniferia,Tinospora,nimbin
Directions: 2-4 Tablets daily with lukewarm water or milk
-Kit consists of 3 types of tablet (80 tabs in one kit):

  • Coronil Vati :- Boosts Immunity (1 Tablet After Meal)
  • Swasari Vati :- helpful in respiratory Tract problems (1 tablet Before Meals )
  • Anu Taila :- Helpful in Sinus respiratory Nostrils ( Two times in nostrils)
divya coronil kit patanjali online
Swasari vati
divya coronil kit patanjali online
Coronil tablet
divya coronil kit patanjali online
Anu taila

Why you should buy the Divya coronil kit patanjali online:

Immunity boosters are the need of the hour right now. This product from Patanjali makes sure you don’t fall back with low immunity. Purchase this product from Amazon India and get it delivered at your doorstep without the need of going to any shop to Buy the Patanjali Coronil Kit.

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