Top 3 best hanging pots for balcony in India

Day to day, the aspects of housekeeping are continuously changing such as home decor. It is not enough to just have beautiful plants in your home. To complete the home decor, you should use the elements that never go out of style like hanging pots for balcony.

After the table and shelves, the space for plants to show new greenery is on the walls and ceiling. These days the hanging planters arrive in a wide scope of classy plans that can suit each taste.

To keep your delicate varieties of plants away from pets or small children, the idea of hanging pots for balcony can be great.

You must consider the size of your plant as well as how you will hang it up while purchasing the best hanging pots.

In the event that you need to upgrade the greenery of your home, at that point, you are at the perfect spot. Here, we have chosen the top 3 best hanging pots for balcony, accessible in the market, and offer choice tips to expected purchasers.

wall hanging planters indoor

We recommend these 3 Hanging Pots for Balcony.

1. Trustbasket planters for railings, best hanging pots for balcony

wall hanging planters indoor
wall hanging planters indoor

The very first hanging planters in our list Best hanging pots for balcony is Trust Basket Railing Planter. The Trustbasket planters comes in oval shape with dots. As this railing planter has highly positive user feedback, we have included it in our list, the best hanging planters in India. You can use the Trustbasket planters for both balconies indoor and outdoor gardening.

In these pots, you can grow all variety of flowers and vegetables. If you are planning for outdoor gardening, then the Trustbasket planters is best for you. They can face the sunlight, rainfall and you can keep it outside for a long time.

Along with the durability, they are long-lasting planters. Designed with pretty and beautiful round dots on a colorful background, these balcony railing planters will instantly brighten up your space.

These hanging pots for balcony are strong as well as highly durable, as it is made from galvanized iron. Pots are resistant to rust and fade because they are coated with powder-coated paint.

The Trustbasket planters come with detachable handles, which means you can either hang these planters on the balcony railings or can easily remove the handle, and put them on stand or flour.

This Trustbasket planters includes 5 hanging pots for balcony of different shades of red, yellow, magenta, purple and green.

Reasons to buy this:

  • Powder-coated Paint with Polka Dots ensures excellent durability, toughness, and Rust Resistance.
  • Very Lightweight
  • Detachable Hooks, and can be adjusted according to your balcony place.
  • Perfect for both Indoor/ Outdoor gardening.
  • You can use them as a tabletop planter also
  • Multi colours: Red, Yellow, Green, Magenta, Purple combo

2. Kavi Jharokha Bottle Planter

best wall hanging planters indoor
wall hanging planters indoor

Next up in the list Top 3 Best wall hanging planters indoor is Kavi Jharokha Bottle Planter. Have you ever thought that an old wine bottle, can open a window to a whole green world? At that point, you came to the correct spot! This elegant Kavi Jharokha Planter is Crafted with an upcycled wine bottle.

This Bottle Planter has 30 centimeters in length,10 centimeters in-breath, and 30 centimeters in height. It has a first-of-its-kind half-cut wine bottle design. It is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor.

Along with the eco-friendly design, it is sturdy and strong and there is a hole to drain excess water.

Around the neck of the bottle planter, the jute rope is wrapped aesthetically. It ensures your walls look green and bright. The bottle corners will not harm you, as the edges are smoothened and keeping safety in mind.

Reasons to buy this:

  • Nature friendly: Recycled bottle
  • There is a hole to drain excess water
  • Edges are smoothened and softened
  • Crafted with a wine bottle to give you a premium look
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor.

3. Exclusive Lane ‘Black Goblet’ hanging pots for balcony

wall hanging planters indoor

Last, however, not the least, the hanging pots for balcony from the well known World’s crafts and design store ExclusiveLane is placed in the third position. It is Handcrafted in a glossy black shade.

If you want to add an elegant look to your home, then add this hanging planter in your home decore.

Using this Black Goblet, you can give a sparkling look to your garden and balcony. You can cultivate your favourite plants both indoors and outdoors.

The pot comes with a detachable jute string, which means you can easily remove the stings and use this planter as a floor or a table planter and has a matte finish and is made with a heavy gauge metal sheet for longer durability.
It’s handcrafted in Galvanized Iron Metal to avoid rusting. There is a hole at the bottom of the form where excess water is flown. If you wish to have a unique product then this homemade hanging pots for balcony is best for you.

Reasons to buy this:

  • Provides longer durability
  • Made using the galvanized iron metal in order to avoid rusting
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor
  • Black matte Finish gives a premium look and feel
  • A hole at the bottom to remove excess water.

Short buying guide

Greenery offers a more organic feel and also improves indoor air quality.

You can add a hanging pots for balcony as well as in your home, as it enhances the home decor as well as indoor air quality. However, before buying the hanging pots for balcony you need to consider some features that include size, material, and design: 

wall hanging planters indoor

Size: It depends on the type of plant as well as where the planter is placed.

Material: The type of material of planter determines where you can place your hanging pots for balcony, indoor, or outdoor. It decides the durability and made of plastic, resin, and many other materials.

Design: It enhances your home decore, maybe in classic, modern, or much other design.

FAQs Related to Hanging Planters

Why do we need hanging pots for balcony?

Well, the answer to this question depends upon your preference. Still, we recommend you to get the hanging pots for balcony, as it adds greenery to your home as well as improves indoor air quality and improves oxygenation of the air.

What should I look for in a Hanging plant stand?

Before buying anything we need to consider a few things. If you are buying the hanging planters you need to consider the three main things – Size, Material, and Design

How do hanging planters drain?

Their is a small hole at the bottom of the planters which helps them drain excess water and maintains stability. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We provide unbiased feedback to the visitors to help them choose right products at amazon at the same price.

Final conclusion

Hope this article gonna super assist you in settling on the correct choice associated with the selection of hanging pots for balcony. Happy Shopping.TC!

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