Top 3 Best Electric Egg Boiler in India 2022

Boiled eggs are one of the easiest forms of wholesome nutrition. It is said that there are ~6gms of protein in one large egg.
But for some people boiling eggs is a time consuming and difficult job. We have the right solution for your problem – an Egg Boil Machine.
An Electric Egg boiler makes it very easy to boil the eggs and that too the perfect soft boiled or hard-boiled. We have listed some of the best egg boilers in India 2022.

electric egg boiler

We have looked for some specific point like:

  • Mode: it must have different modes like medium, soft, and hard.
  • Boiling Capacity: we have listed boilers that can hold 7 eggs at once. They save time and power.
  • Cooking time: all the electric egg boilers consume around 10 minutes to boil eggs.
  • Build Quality: These egg boiling machines are very sturdy as they are made of quality plastic and stainless steel.
  • Power Consumption: All the boilers listed consume very minimalistic power and are very efficient for daily usage.

Here are the Top 3 Egg Boiler Online India:

1. Kent Egg boiler Machine (Personal Favourite)

Kent Electric Egg Boiler

Product Features:

  • Easy usage.
  • Requires minimal preparations
  • Single-button operation
  • Auto power-cut when boiling is complete
  • Dedicated overheat protection.
  • The cooking time is 3 minutes for 7 eggs.
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Product Description: Kent Egg Boiler

  • Kent is a popular brand in India, they are leaders in manufacturing RO water purifiers in India. This brand is known for its quality product and after-sales service. Kent Egg Boiler Electric offers great quality and is very easy to use.
  • If you are a bachelor/hostler or a working professional and you like having eggs in your day but you find boiling them difficult then this egg boiler electric is the right product for you.
  • Kent Egg Boiler has a stainless steel body with a transparent lid. It has shaped slots to place eggs for boiling and operates on 330 watts of power.
  • It comes with an egg boiling capacity of 7 eggs in 3 minutes.
  • To offer the right cooking this comes with 3 different boiling mode settings, using which you can cook your eggs hard, medium, or soft.
Kent Electric Egg Boiler

How to operate Kent egg boiler:

  • This boiler follows a very simple procedure which includes adding the appropriate little amount of water in the measuring jar. The different quantities of water required by each boiling mode are mentioned on the jar itself. After adding water just arrange the eggs in the given slots, close the lid and switch it on. Right after boiling is completed it will turn-off automatically.
Kent Electric Egg Boiler
  • With the transparent jar, you can always monitor the egg boil machine and also there is a dedicated pin that is present at the measuring cup to ease the egg breaking process after boiling.
  • Egg boiling is quite faster with this Kent electric egg boiler as a fast heating lead. And also it comes with an efficient automatic overheat protection system which ensures accurate egg boiling.
  • Kent Egg Boiler online comes with 1 year’s manufacturer’s warranty.

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2. Simxen Egg Boil Machine Electric Egg Boiler with Automatic Off

Simxen Electric egg boiler

Product Features:

  • Inexpensive Egg boiler online.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Made with quality steel and plastic.
  • Easy usage.
  • Comes with an auto-power cut to prevent over boiling.
  • Can boil 7 eggs at once in 10 minutes.
  • Operates on 400 Watts of power.

Product Description: Symxen egg boil machine

  • Simxen offers an Electric Egg Boiler which has a boiling capacity of 7 eggs at a time. It has a very durable and sturdy design, made with quality plastic and steel for long life usage.
  • This boiler is a must-have product if you are a foodie or a bachelor who loves to have eggs. With this egg boiler India you can easily perform egg boiling and also try out amazing dishes with a heating bottom.
  • With different modes of this best egg boiler in India, you can get 3 types of eggs, soft-boiled, medium-boiled, and half-boiled.

How to boil the egg:
Talking about the boiling procedure, you need to place the eggs in the egg holder, add water using the measuring cup and then close the transparent lid. This transparent lid is one of the biggest features which facilitate you to monitor the boiling eggs.

symxen electric egg boiler egg boil machine india
Simxen Electric egg boiler

Other than boiling you can also prepare poached eggs by using the heating bottom. This egg boiler electric is very easy to use and portable device for bachelors/students.

The measuring cup also has a pin that helps to break boiled eggs easily.

egg boil machine
Simxen Electric egg boiler

This boiler consumes 400 Watts of power and has an additional thermal layer for safe usage. Simxen Electric Egg Boiler is affordably priced and is a must-have.

Simxen best egg boiler India comes without any warranty from the manufacturer.

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3. Goodway egg boiler| Best Egg Boiler in India

Goodway egg boiler

Product Features:

  • Very compact design.
  • Durable and portable.
  • One-touch operation.
  • Operates on very less water.
  • Can boil 5 eggs in 7-8 minutes.
  • Consumes 200 Watts.
  • Has 6 months of manufacturer warranty.

Product Description: Goodway egg boiler

  • Goodway Egg Boiler Machine comes with a very compact design that is best suited for bachelors/students and also foodies who love eating an egg.
  • With this egg boiler, you can boil 5 eggs at once in 7-8 minutes. It has a stainless steel body which makes it durable and the perfect egg boiler for long-term usage.

Boiling instructions for Goodway egg boiler are –
Fill the device with an adequate amount of water (a measuring cup is provided with the boiler), just place the eggs in the egg holder, cover it with the lid and switch it on.

With the transparent lid you can monitor your eggs and also it has a pin to break the eggs when they are boiled ( it is there at the bottom of the measuring cup).

Goodway egg boiler

This device is very portable and lightweight, one can easily carry it. It operates on 200 Watts of power and as the company claims you are only spending 10 paise for boiling each egg.

Goodway provides 6 months of warranty with this egg boiler electric.

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This was our article on the Top 3 Electric Egg Boilers which are available on Amazon. All the 3 offer complete value for money and are suitable if you are looking for a reliable egg boil machine.

All our recommended products are best sellers and have high user ratings on Amazon. You can blindly purchase any of these amazon egg boilers.

Frequently Asked Questions: Electric egg boiler India

Is it good to use an egg boiler?

An electric egg boiler facilitates easy boiling of eggs and also they ensure that you are served with the perfectly boiled egg. With given modes, you can get softly boiled, medium boiled and hard-boiled eggs

Which is the best egg boiler in India?

Kent egg boil machine is the best boiler in India, as it offers efficiency and a complete value for money. It comes with different modes that provide a variety of boiled eggs. Additionally, it also has an auto-power cut off which prevents over boiling

How long does an egg boiler take?

An egg boiler takes around 10 minutes to boil eggs. Although it completely depends on the power consumption of your egg boiler, the more power it will consume the faster it will boil eggs.

How do you boil eggs in a boiler?

Boiling eggs in an egg boiler is one of the easiest tasks. Just follow a few steps. Pour some water in the boiler (as per the measuring cup), place eggs in the place holder, choose the mode, close the lid, and switch it on. Right after 10 min you will have boiled eggs as per your needs. The majority of egg boilers require no monitoring as they come with auto-power cut is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We provide unbiased feedback to the visitors to help them choose right products at amazon at the same price.

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